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Starting with a mere 10,000 rupees and an overwhelming vision, founder Kamal Sagar wanted to deliver something beyond structural architecture to customers. His company stood for something grander: a place to call home. A place where there are no limits to the joyful experiences a family can have, a place with bountiful memories yet to be created, a place where every expectation and desire of the resident is met with utmost care and sensitiveness. With Total Environment, each minute and intricate detail is specifically designed to be the most intimate, genuine and pristine facet of the house — transforming it into a home!

At Total Environment, we venture past the standards of ‘modern aesthetic living’, we do not hunch to convenience nor do we let data and facts steer us away from the excellence of handcrafted homes we aim to provide our clients! This lays the foundation of the relations between it and it’s customers, with trust being the key which binds us in this relationship. This is reflected in the partnership of our founders Shibanee Sagar and Kamal Sagar, as they established Total Environment in July 1996, with innovative techniques and the vision of design without compromise. After two decades of their harmonious leadership, Total Environment has delivered more than 4 million square feet with over 1,200 customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

Results do not define success at Total Environment, rather it is defined by the capacity of an individual to reach their true potential. Here the leaders and employees are supported by the team and encouraged to surpass mediocrity and achieve eminence. In this company, leaders cultivate an environment where one steps out of the comfort zone, embraces uncertainty and strives for growth. This culture at Total Environment brews leaders who set the standard in the real estate industry.

To maintain the company’s values and culture, our leaders follow the principles which are the root of a successful endeavour. Authenticity preaches instinct and intuition as first principles, and using data to support one’s intuition. Innovation and learning thrive on change and challenge, build up resilience among the team and focus on thinking out of the box. Relationships and conscientiousness are earning and respecting the customer’s trust. Understanding the zeitgeist and feeling of the customer trumps the facts. Attention to detail is a crucial aspect of Total Environment. The company does not tolerate mediocrity. Embellish yourself in the intricacies of design. Frugality is adjusting and being pliable with budget. Nothing should be seen as an obstacle and we can work through tight corners, accomplishing more with less. Grit is required within all leaders to be proactive and resourceful in any situation. Trust is greater than love. Every action should have good intentions and reliability is key for coordination.






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