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Premium 900 sqft to 1500 sqft Plots in IVC Road, Bangalore

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IVC Road, Bangalore



Total Environment Plots Overview

Immerse yourself in the zenith of opulent existence at Total Environment Plots, an impending residential venture meticulously crafted by Total Environment.

Nestled in the serene environs of IVC Road, Bangalore, this distinguished haven proffers a distinctive living encounter, featuring fastidiously designed residential parcels spanning from 900 to 1500 sqft.

Total Environment Plots redefine modern habitation with an allegiance to superiority and ingenious architecture, mirroring the insignia of Total Environment’s esteemed repertoire. Enveloped by verdant landscapes and thoughtfully orchestrated expansive zones, the undertaking bestows a peaceful milieu that is both restricted and extraordinary.

Strategically ensconced on IVC Road, Total Environment Plots guarantees impeccable connectivity to extant and burgeoning communities and amenities in Bangalore. The venture stands poised to metamorphose into a hallmark of sumptuous living, reflecting the developer’s earnestness in sculpting spaces that seamlessly amalgamate aesthetics and utility.

Partake in an array of amenities at Total Environment Plots, encompassing well-conceived landscaping, recreational expanses, and scrupulous security protocols, all ensuring an unparalleled living sojourn. As a nascent project, Total Environment Plots pledges a lifestyle where grandeur converges with eminence, establishing unprecedented benchmarks in residential dwelling in Bangalore.

Total Environment Plots Price

Unit Type

30 x 30 Plots

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Unit Type

30 x 40 Plots

N/A Sq.ft


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Unit Type

30 x 50 Plots

N/A Sq.ft


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Nothing Less Than The Best

Swimming Pool

Kids Play Area




Sport Courts

Multipurpose Hall

3 Tier Security

Lobby Area


Total Environment Plots Floor Plans & Master Plan

Total Environment Plots Location

Total Environment is one of the leading real estate development company in India

In the genesis of Total Environment, Kamal Sagar birthed the vision with a mere 10,000 rupees.

Fast forward two decades, and Total Environment has unfurled over 4 million square feet, embracing more than 1,200 patrons through myriad ventures in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. While these numerical feats underscore the vast scope of our undertakings and our prowess in shaping contemporary dwellings, they barely unveil the complete narrative. What genuinely propels and animates us is our ardor for avant-garde design and the elation derived from endowing individuals with a haven they proudly label home. Our allegiance to perpetuating design-centric cogitation and methodologies shall always predominate, irrespective of the venture at hand.

Here’s a toast to elevating the aesthetics of our traversed spaces, amplifying the enjoyability of our experiences, and rendering our gastronomic and libationary indulgences more delectable. Let’s raise a glass to the fervor that kindles our ability to resonate with melodies and instigates the conception of groundbreaking spatial paradigms. Here’s to that inner voice that asserts, “we can surpass our current achievements.” Whether it’s a domicile, a retreat, or a gastronomic and artisanal brew, anticipate a creation imbued with acute sensitivity, utter personalization, and absolute novelty. Conventions do not chart our course, conveniences do not lead us astray, and commerce does not dictate our identity. Instead, the triumvirate of inspiration, intention, and integrity serves as our lodestar. We exist tethered to our passions, aspiring to spark and inflame yours.

The divergence between those who achieve noteworthy success and those who do not lies not so much in disparate capacities but in the fervency to actualize their latent potential. At Total Environment, we implore trailblazers to shatter the metaphorical glass ceilings and eschew the allure of mediocrity. Our leaders gauge their mettle against global exemplars, consistently setting the benchmark and epitomizing through action.

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